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increase in organic search traffic in less than 1 year

"As the Director of Marketing at Sephora, I want to express my appreciation for the exceptional work that Lovau Agency has done to improve our website's SEO and sales. Their research and implementation of effective keyword and link strategies have resulted in a significant increase in organic traffic and sales. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail have truly made a positive impact on our business. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Lovau Agency and achieving even greater success together."

The Problem

Sephora’s previous website was outdated and cluttered, with a confusing navigation system that made it difficult for customers to find what they were looking for. Additionally, the checkout process was cumbersome, leading to high cart abandonment rates.

The Results


increase in organic search traffic in less than 1 year


keyword phrases listed on Page 1 of Google


Sales Increased

The Strategy


As a digital marketing agency specializing in e-commerce, we were approached by Sephora to help with the redesign of their website. The company was looking to improve their online presence and boost e-commerce sales. We worked collaboratively with Sephora to identify pain points in their existing website and develop a user-centred design that would enhance the customer experience.

Keyword Strategy

By developing and implementing a comprehensive keyword strategy, Lovau Agency was able to improve Sephora’s online visibility, increase their organic traffic, and boost their sales. The success of this strategy demonstrates the importance of conducting thorough keyword research, prioritizing relevant keywords, and optimizing on-page content and backlinks for better search engine rankings.


The research strategy implemented by Lovau Agency resulted in several significant improvements to Sephora’s website performance.

By identifying high-value, low-competition keywords, we were able to optimize the website’s content and metadata to rank for these keywords, resulting in an increase in organic traffic.

By conducting a competitor analysis, we were able to identify areas where Sephora could improve their online strategy and gain a competitive advantage. User experience research helped us to identify and prioritize areas of the website that needed improvement, resulting in a more engaging and user-friendly website.

By analyzing Sephora’s content, we were able to identify gaps in their content strategy and areas where they could improve their content to better engage and inform their target audience.

Link Strategy

After implementing the link strategy, Sephora’s website experienced a significant improvement in their search engine rankings and organic traffic. Within six months, the website had achieved top 10 rankings for several high-volume keywords, resulting in a 25% increase in organic traffic and a 15% increase in sales.

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