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increase in organic search traffic in less than 1 year

I have been working with Lovau for the past few months and I am very pleased with their services. They have provided me with innovative and effective digital marketing strategies that have really increased my brand awareness and search presence. Their support and expertise has been invaluable, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an experienced marketing agency.

The Problem

For more than 30 years now, Paris Jewellery have been proud to offer an exceptional level of customer service that is truly second-to-none. Their team members are passionate about helping their customers find the perfect piece of jewellery to suit their style and budget.

However, in recent years, the jewellery market has become increasingly competitive, and Paris jewellery has struggled to maintain their market share. In order to increase brand awareness and attract new customers, they contacted Lovau Digital agency.

We proposed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would help Paris Jewellery stand out from the competition. The strategy included developing a strong social media presence, creating engaging content, and running targeted advertising campaigns.

The Results


increase in organic search traffic in less than 1 year


keyword phrases listed on Page 1 of Google


high value, quality leads every month

The Strategy


When it comes to marketing a jewellery shop, the first step is to identify their target audience. This will help determine what type of marketing strategy will work best for their business.

Marketing Strategy

The main focus of the strategy is to create content that is inspiring, while also being relatable to the target audience. The goal is to make the jewellery brand seem like something that is attainable, but also luxurious and special. Lovau believes that by using this approach, jewellery brands can connect with their customers on a deeper level and build a strong relationship with them.


In order to create a professional and comprehensive strategy to increase brand awareness for Paris Jewellery, Lovau Digital Agency needed to conduct extensive research. This included understanding the jewellery market in Paris, the target audience of the jewellery shop, and what type of marketing would be most effective.

Through this research, we were able to develop a plan that would reach the maximum number of potential customers and help Paris Jewellery stand out from its competitors.

Search Presence Strategy

In order to increase the search presence of the jewellery shop, Lovau needed to do a full professional strategy. This strategy included optimizing the website for search engines, improving the quality of the website’s content, and building backlinks to the website. Additionally, they needed to create social media accounts and post regularly on these platforms. By doing all of this, they were able to improve the search visibility of Paris Jewellery shop and bring in more potential customers.

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